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Welcome to my new website! I am delighted of your visit: Here You can find what I am currently doing and what is important to me. I hope You like it; of course I am looking forward to receiving Your feedback, suggestions and critics.

Music has a special importance in my life: no other mode of communication is able to express that way music does. It accompanies me most time of my life and especially composers like Mozart and Beethoven mean a lot to me.
Nothing is more fascinating than the world of aviation: cruising above clouds or passing by georgeous sceneries and thereby discovering unknown countries and cultures are things which have changed my life. Thereby the sentimental value which is connected to my flight training in California belongs to the most exiting things in my life.
Life is full of challenges: To be prepared for it and to satisfy my curiosity, an MBA studies seemed to suit perfectly to my ambitions: What is happening within a company, which part play humans in there,.....I was able to experience this in the most beautiful location which I can think about: A former royal British residence surrounded with unique landscape architecture which is now used for management training by the CityUniversity of London.

Life is an eternal learning process. It was an amazing experience, to share the passion for aviation in the research community of EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre and to receive such an enormous support for this project from so many sides. I gratefully look back to this team effort that allowed me to complete this challenging task and topic.