My Flight Page

My passion for flying started already at my childhood. Since my first flight to Bulgaria and the concert tours with the German National Youth Orchestra, it became more and more obvious: Traveling by air is most fascinating! During countless flights with the Tubingen Chamber Orchestra and concert tours with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra I could enjoy flying to the full.

With my first fixed salary from Dresden Philharmonic Orchstra it was finally possible to make my dreams come reality. I traveled to Fresno/ California and started my carrer as a pilot with a private pilot license at Mazzei Flying Service. After this far-reaching experience I had to stay patient until my next summer vacation from the Orchestra in order to continue with further licences. Having seen countless flight training schools meanwhile, I am very aware that the fortune I had being allowed to get my flight training at Mazzeis, which belongs to one of the most unique experiences in my life. An everlasting thankfullness connects me to Patti and Jim Brannan who have given me this hospitality.

After that, I did not take a long time to apply for professional flying at Lufthansa. After I had passed the assessment center, I could not wait to start flying as a pilot for Lufthansa CityLine.

Flying at Lufthansa CityLine

It is hard to imagine a better day-to-day life than being a pilot for Lufthansa CityLine: flying with amiable colleagues across Europe to more than 60 different destinations, thereby getting to know foreign cities and countries: all in all a profession You normaly only dream of. So I was able to have seen more than 90 different countries on flights with Lufthansa CityLine complemented with private travel.

Flying as a Flight Instructor

Most probably it is a natural phenomenon that it beomes a desire after a while to hand on own passion and knowledge to others. For me it is always an own success story, if a student is able to adapt knowledge and experience that I passed to him, or even more if he passes the examination right away. Flying with small aircraft like they are used for training is a total different challenge than flying with passenger aircraft and faces the pilot with very different requirements. I am very glad to be a flight instructor for Ardex flight training for small aircraft and to teach trainees at CSTĀ Berlin for the Canadair Regional Jet in the flight simulator.